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Dan Tyler's Portfolio

This portfolio is still under construction, so not all the content is available, so if you spot a bug, want to see more or simply something isn't working please contact me! Thankyou!

3D Models

  • Chesty model, your friendly neighbourhood man-eating treasure chest.

Hand Painted Textures

  • A modular set of Hand painted texture tiles that can be put together to creat various floor combinations
  • Hand painted texture of stacked rough cut slate
  • Hand painted texture of fresh green grass
  • Hand painted texture of an old chipped wooden floor
  • Hand painted texture of Brick floor in an ornate semi-circle pattern
  • Hand painted texture of a traditional brick wall
  • Hand painted texture of an Aztec style carved wall
  • Hand painted texture of Terracotta style Roof tiles
  • Hand painted texture of a rough cut slate roof
  • Hand painted floor texture of rough cut and randomly placed stone slabs


  • An illustration of a fish being chased by a hook
  • An illustration of Securi-bot, protecting a space colony near you
  • An illustration of Bin-bot, your not so friendly domestic killing machine
  • An illustration of Hellboy, fanart for the comic
  • An illustration of a Skull wearing some Wayfarers
  • An illustration tribute to the Boris Karloff version of Frankenstein


  • Logo for Black Cloud Studios
  • A vector drawing of  a retro radio
  • A vector drawing of a retro TV
  • A vector drawing of an Angry Monkey
  • A vector drawing of a British postbox
  • A vector drawing of yours truly

Websites & Projects

  • Wreck'em Racing

    Wreck'em Racing, coming soon to Android and iOS
  • Space & Time PPC

    Space & Time PPC Management Website
  • 4th & Goal Football

    4th & Goal Football, available now on Ouya and Android


Digital Designer by day, 3D Modeller by night, a graduate in Computer Games Design and 3D Modelling, at a Master's Degree level.

Enthusiastic about creating in all media, be it web design or hand painted 3D characters. Constantly striving to further both my artistic ability as well as my software skill set, with passion for continued education in design and traditional arts theory.




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